IEEE Seminar Topics – 1

Here we included a huge list of IEEE Seminar Topics, That are officially collected from IEEE Explore in the form of IEEE Transactions. Due to some technical reasons we are not provided full format Seminar Report downloadable option, but our team keep report of each topic. If you wish to get detailed report on any topic, just post a request on comment box with your e-mail address. And also you can ask report on any new Seminar Topic that is not listed in our site, we will try to develop and include that too.
  1. X3D-based Virtual Reality Experiences

  2. Woofer-Tweeter Adaptive Optics

  3. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) versus Wi-Fi Protected Access

  4. Why Computers Are Not Displaying Intelligence

  5. Weighted OFDM and MDFB

  6. Web Self-Controller

  7. Word Categorization Using Clustering Ensemble

  8. Wear Particle Profile Analysis

  9. Watermark Algorithm

  10. Volume Cracker

  11. Visual Behaviors for Binocular Tracking

  12. Virtual Reality Interaction Using Mobile Devices

  13. Virtual Archery with Tangible Interaction

  14. Video Enhancement Using A Robust Iterative SRR

  15. Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receiver

  16. Multi-Channel Gestural Interface

  17. Quantum Cryptography for securing Wireless LAN

  18. protein-domain information

  19. Multi-core Processor for Network Parallel Image Processing

  20. Log Files As Knowledge Bases

  21. Genetic Algorithm to Select Materialized Views

  22. Declarative Meta Programming

  23. 3-D Animation in Multimedia Learning

  24. User Defined Gestural Interaction

  25. Comb Filtering Output (CFO)

  26. Neural Network For The Sliding Mode Control of Under water robot

  27. Nonisothermal Taylor-Couette Flow

  28. An Automatic C Code Generator

  29. Short-Channel DG SOI MOSFET

  30. Visual Cryptography

  31. Tracking Consistency Metric

  32. Dynamic Shortest Path Selection in Traffic Networks

  33. Theme development analysis with topic clustering

  34. Time-domain Signal Simulation

  35. Lower Arm Suspension Fatigue Data

  36. Time Localised Band Filtering

  37. Three-rings Redundancy Industrial Ethernet

  38. Handover in Mobile IPv6 Networks

  39. The role-based delegation model

  40. Lombard Reflex

  41. electric load control system

  42. Comprehend Lock-based Synchronization

  43. Stochastic Bernstein Method of Functional Approximation

  44. Genetic Algorithm for Assignment Problems

  45. Embedded Remote Control System

  46. Improving 3D Interaction with Virtual Objects

  47. Content Management System based on J2EE

  48. Linear Programs with Conditionals

  49. Temporal dynamics of EEG

  50. Temperature-adaptive circuits

  51. Telecollaboration for eBusiness

  52. Taverna Workflow

  53. Tapping-In-Place

  54. Tactile Flow on Seat Pan Modulates Perceived Forward Velocity

  55. Tactical Communication Network (TCN)

  56. Adaptive Beam former Modelling

  57. Control Units for Mobile Robots

  58. Switchable Glass

  59. Surface Defect Isolation in Ceramic Tile Based

  60. Substructure Discovery of Macro-Operators

  61. Digital Media Adapter

  62. Association Rule Algorithm in Data Mining

  63. Embedding XML Data in a Color Image

  64. Analog Circuits by Visualized Multi-Parallel Particle

  65. Split gate SOI MOSFET


  67. Spatial Augmented Reality

  68. Semi-Proactive AODV Routing Protocol

  69. Solving Over-Constrained Problems using Network Analysis

  70. Solvation of Ion Pairs

  71. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

  72. Motor Control System Based on Neural Network

  73. Smart Home Mobile RFID

  74. Acoustical Field for Linear Phased Array Transducer

  75. Annealing with iterative improvement